Buro was founded in 1997 by graphic designer Michiel Vermeulen. Since then Buro has grown into a full service design and communications agency.
Design is at the heart of what we do. We describe our work as ‘visual branding’, this means we create every visible expression of a brand or organisation — offline and online. This involves expertise in strategy, communication, branding and process management. It is in our nature to look for the pure essence — in the people we work with, and the work we create. Embedded in a network of designers, stylists, print specialists, photographers etc. we deal with complex customer requests and take care to its full extent.
With 18 years experience, our undogmatic, keen and spirited agency already adopted a wide variety of customers national, and international. Open minded and with joy we take new challenges. It’s a mentality that helps us to build a great team and achieve extraordinary results.